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No more waiting in lines

With MailBuddy, you don't need to worry about waiting in lines! Just print your label as an 8.5x11 or 4x6 document and tape it to your package. Then drop it off at any Canada Post outlet (and skip the line), or in any red mailbox located across the country.
Pickup may also be available - please contact us for details.

Save Up To 40% With Our
Advanced Shipping Tool

Who doesn't love Great Savings? We are prepared to reward you for using MailBuddy with the lowest rates on shipping labels. Use our Free Rating Tool when you register with us to explore shipping rates and service levels.

Our Team Knows Best

Our experienced and energetic team of 3PL professionals will take care of you from start to finish

No Lineups + Lowest Rates
= Great Savings

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Save up to 40% on shipping labels with MailBuddy

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